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Computer room servers, rack mounted equipment and cabinets are an expensive asset in IT infrastructure. It is impiritive to ensure that the rack and it’s equipment are performing fault-free, and as efficient as possible.

It is critical to monitor the performance of your rack, especially the temperature, humidity, leakage, power and airflow.  When faults occur, to ensure the uptime of equipment, the monitoring system can perform actions automatically (e.g. activate additional fans, sound an alarm or send alarm notification). With embedded interface and support for SNMP software, it is easy to evaluate environmental data in a straightforward way to prevent failure of equipment.

Vutlan’s rack monitoring solutions help data center and facilities managers:

Setting Up Alert Thresholds & Notification Alerts: Send Email, SMS, Syslog, Event log, SNMP Trap, SNMP Get, sound and light an alarm beacon or a strobe light.

Maintain Relative Humidity Levels: Maintain proper humidity levels, avoid hardware corrosion when relative humidity is too high, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) problems when humidity is too low. Recommended ambient relative humidity levels for optimal performance and reliability are between 45% and 55%.

Detect Water Leaks: Detect if there is a water leak from external sources or from pipes in a water-cooled rack.

Monitor & Manage Airflow: Monitor flow rates of cooling and hot air return to ensure cooling and containment systems are functioning optimally.

Maintain Optimal Temperature: Measuring the temperature at multiple height levels of the rack can give an early indication of a potential temperature problem. Vutlan monitoring units will provide early warnings and notify staff for temperature issues. This information can help the staff optimize the cooling system by safely raising the ambient temperatures. Recommended optimal temperature range for system reliability is 68° to 75°F (20° to 24°C).

Track Security Threats (Sabotage or Damage): Monitor and administer who has access to your racks. Allow access remotely for I-Touch or Proximity readers. Get notified if the rack has been hit using our vibration sensor VT540. Or stream JPEG stream from USB camera if the rack door has been opened.

Monitor and Report: Vutlan monitoring units are fully compatible with all major SNMP network management systems (NMS software) like OpenNMS, Nagios, HP Network Node Manager, IBM Tivoli and so on. See compatibility list.

Manage Power: Measure voltage or current using AC/DC meters. Switch ON/OFF outlets using Vutlan’s switched PDUs and monitoring units with PDUs.

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