5 Tips for Keeping Our Server Room Running Smoothly

Sometimes in the course of our day-to-day business, we fall behind on a few things. It happens to everyone.

One thing that is easy to neglect is our server room. However, our servers are the heart of our business and maintaining our server room will ensure that our business continues to run smoothly.

Here are 5 quick tips on simple things we can do to get our server room into top shape:

Cable Management

It is amazing what a loose cable that gets pulled out accidentally can do to a business. That can be enough to take down all of the computers in the company. We must tie up loose cables and tuck them away as neatly as possible. We can also use cable covers to protect bunches of cable so people don’t accidently kick them or they don’t get caught when we are moving things around.

Physical Access Restrictions

Be sure that our server room is secure and can be locked to prevent unauthorized entry. An unlocked server room is an open invitation for wrongdoers to take out the heart of your business. At least we must have a lock on the door to our server room and keep it closed when access is not absolutely necessary. If we have servers that are not rack mounted, we may consider putting them into a locked cabinet or enclosure. Be sure that only certain people have the keys, but be sure to keep a duplicate handy in case the primary keys are lost.


If our servers are not properly cooled they will shut down and may cause catastrophic damage. Make sure that the temperature in the server environment stays at about 68-71 Degrees (F). It may not always be easy to do but the entire business depends on it.


All our equipment and cables should be properly labeled. This includes labeling our servers with server names and IP addresses. Cables should be tagged so we know which wall jacks they lead to.

We should also have a server and network diagram handy in case an outside vendor needs to come in and do work.

Vendor Contacts

Be sure to have a list of vendor contacts handy in case of an emergency. This includes:

  • Internet provider
  • Server technical support
  • Consultants
  • Phone company
  • Software technical support
  • Equipment vendors (ink, paper, cables, etc.)
  • Repair people (plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc.)

Having this list posted somewhere in our server room will ensure that anyone in the company (including ourself) can have quick access theses key people.

Do a little at a time

Solving some of these issues may take some time, but lets do a little every day and soon we will have a well oiled server room that is efficient and reliable.