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Prudent Devices is serving the IT infrastructure solution customisation  with an aim to provide quality products and solutions to IT Iinfra, broadcast and media services in a market which had always been in need of relaible products. Prudent is a brand with a vision sublime and approach realistic.

  • Racks and Enclosures 90%
  • Networking Peripherals 85%
  • Power Solutions 90%
  • Audio Video Solutions 97%


Prudent Devices PDUs that we use allow us to have higher density cabinets versus more cabinets.

Pawan Singh

Digital Marketing Manager, Fieldking

After working with several vendors Prudent devices has the most reliable solution followed up by a very competitive price.

Shivam Singh Rana

Exports Manager, Beroni

Receptacle options have allow us to standardize on two different models vs. having a different SKU for every cabinet


Soni Chauhan

MD, Reconnecting World